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Exclusive interview with Alicia Vitarelli - A Passion for News

">Alicia Vitarelli
Today we have an interview with one of the nations top tv anchor's of ABC 6 WPVI news at 4pm, Alicia Vitarelli. She is a well known personality that news directors and top producers from all over would be proud to have on their team. Vitarelli has carved out her craft on tv and has also become the queen of Social Media working her facebook page like a media master. Her credits include her own franchise she started on News 12 New Jersey, Buck Wild and Best Kept Secrets that became part of the station best known segments. Take a look at our interview and keep in mind Alicia Vitarelli is really " On Fire" and we believe the ABC network might ask her to become part of "The View".  Vitarelli is just that good and would make a welcome edition to any network show. We also have a special feature with students from First Avenue School posing questions to Ms. Vitarelli.

1. Q:When did you know or realize you wanted to have a career in the media and why?
I was always a storyteller, even in childhood. I spent my younger years writing journals and short stories and performing in musicals.

 A:As a high school student I wrote for the Teenage Section of my local newspaper, The Staten Island Advance. I fell in love with newspaper reporting and decided that when I went to college I would couple that passion with my love of performance. I studied Communications, Spanish and Theatre at Villanova University and then went on to get a Master's Degree in Broadcast Journalism at Northwestern University and started my career in 2000.

2.Q: Alicia, you have become quite an institution at stations you worked at like News 12 New Jersey where your "Buck Wild"& "Roma Aroma" became popular staples at the station your branding alone makes segments go through the roof? What currently are you doing at ABC 6 that is your signature piece?

A:Thank you so much for the kind words! You have to love what you do and truly care about the material to be successful. Here at 6abc I work on a number of projects. I am one of the hosts of FYI Philly, a feature and lifestyles show that allows us to showcase all of the wonderful things around town. I have a segment on Action News at 4 called "The Buzz" where we talk about all of the stories that are making headlines in the entertainment world and beyond. I host a variety of parades, from the Mummer's Parade to the Columbus Day Parade and the Pulaski Day Parade! I have covered the Royal Wedding, the Academy Awards and other red carpet events.
I also do a series of features focusing on the wealth of amazing family businesses in our area and showcase what has made them successful for decades!

3.Q Alicia who would be the person you would most like to interview and why? Your number 1 get?

   A: I would like to interview any President, current or past.

4.Q: Over the past decade, we have seen Social Media ( which you are the Queen of all Social Media) and other technologies such as Skype play a prominent role in the media.How do you see broadcast media evolving even further with all the new technologies ? Do you feel it is good or bad for broadcast media?

A:I think social media has certainly expanded our ability to have direct contact with our viewers. Through Facebook, Twitter and other sites the people who watch us every day have also played a tremendous role in helping us tell the story. They share experiences, photos, even insights that have helped us bring the story closer to home and find new ways of giving it a personal touch. I think social media is an asset but ONLY if it is treated responsibly and the content according to the basic rules of journalism.

5.Q As an Italian America you certainly identify strongly with the culture, in what ways do you try to keep the customs and traditions of the culture alive?

A:I am so proud of my culture and I think we live in a time where people can celebrate what makes them unique and where their ancestors came from.
I wear my name like a badge of honor and hope that it inspires all people to embrace their culture. We certainly keep up customs at home, we travel to various regions around Italy at least once a year and I personally participate in events honoring and celebrating Italian American culture (such as the Columbus Day Parade).

6.Q Who in the Italian community do admire most and why?

A: I admire any person who has done their part to keep traditions strong and to preserve the authenticity of the culture. From food to religion to holidays, I salute every person who is making sure future generations honor, respect and actively participate in our cultural gems. I also honor the Italian American journalists before me (and in the future) who use their names on the air!

7.Q; Who was your favorite interview and why?

   A:So far? Tom Hanks! I am in awe of anyone who has pursued a dream, achieved it and has remained humble and grateful for the experience and acknowledges the journey.

Alicia Vitarelli and Tom Hanks

8.Q What story did you cover that left an indelible  impression and perhaps changed you or your way of thinking?

  A:My favorite stories are 100th birthdays (or beyond!) There is nothing more powerful than time on this planet and only those with that kind of wisdom can give us the insight we need. I have certainly covered my fair share of unthinkable tragedies, from 9/11 to the Sandy Hook school shooting. Those are also life altering and as a journalist those events have shaped me both professionally and personally.

Below are some of the wonderful, talented and hardworking students at First Avenue School asking ABC 6 WPVI Alicia Vitarelli some great questions.


                                              Ms. Alicia Vitarelli's answers

We want to thank Alicia Vitarelli and wish her well on her career journey ! We are sure we will be seeing much more of this talented and accomplished journalist. Watch out for her! We also want to Thank the wondeful and scholarly students of First Avenue School and their great teacher, Ms. Salandra. Please let us know who you would like us to interview next? Also post your opinions and thoughts.

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