Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Welcome home Robin Roberts!

As you know we are huge fans of GMA anchor Robin Roberts and want to welcome her back to her home at ABC and Good Morning America. Above in the video you will see her GMA family welcoming her back, but also a surprise welcome back from Michele Obama & President Barack Obama. We couldn't be happier and want to let her know we will be watching.

Here also is ABC 7 Lori Stokes interview with Robin Roberts.

CBS 2 Anchorman Resigns

CBS 2 anchorman Rob Morrison told CBS management he will leave his post as anchorman at the station effective immediately. This following a spousal abuse charge where Morrison was arrested at his Darien Ct. Home. Morrison said his family is his first priority his wife and son.

Read more here:

Some of Rob Morrison's Reporting in Haiti

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Unveiling of The 4 Real Hero Chaplains

The term hero is used quite often nowadays to describe celebrities who help others, people who go slightly above their means and normal tasks that many consider great, but often question if it reaches
hero status?

Every year near February 3 at St. Stephens Church in Kearny 4 Hero Chaplains lives and their heroic actions are remembered.

The 4 aboard the Dorchester, a military transport ship that was part of a convoy.
During World II on this military ship it was torpedo by A German Submarine ship on February 3, 1943.

As their ship started to sink the 4 chaplains noticed that other sailors did not have life vests they took off their own life vests and gave them to other sailors.
Upon doing this they were seen praying intently as the ship sank.

The Hero's were Reverend John Washington last assignment at St. Stephens Church, Rabbi Alexander D. Goode, Rev. George Fox and Rev. Clark Poling.

This past Sunday marked the 70th year the church has celebrated these 4 Hero's .

They have left an indelible imprint on the community and I am quite sure their memory will never be forgotten at St. Stephens Church in Kearny.

Take a look at the pictures and video below.
Always remember their heroic actions.

The unveiling of the 4 hero Chaplains Statue at St. Stephens Church in Kearny

The church Service to honor the 4 hero Chaplains

The Star- Ledger article
YouTube video from News 12 New Jersey

Friday, February 1, 2013

Former Mayor Ed Koch passes

Former Mayor Edward  Irving Koch passes. The Iconic Mayor famous for asking, " How Am I Doing?" and noted for standing behind his strong beliefs was 88 years old. Newarkers may not know this, but Mayor Ed Koch went to South Side High School ( now Malcom X. Shabazz) . Koch will truly be missed for his open, honest and in your face style and opinion.

The New York Times:

Abc 7

                                          Mayor Koch Grace under fire
                                          After being attacked.

From The Star-Ledger: Mayor Ed Koch's Newark roots: