Monday, July 29, 2013

Fitness Expert Anthony Catanzaro talks Fitness, Life and Love. Don'tmiss out on weight loss tips and excercises to reshape your body!

1 .Anthony, how did you get started in training and the health field?
I became a certified personal trainer and nutritionist when I was in my late twenties but I've been working out since the age of 15. My goal then and still today has always been to be the very best at what I do and motivate everyone around the world to live a healthier happier life through exercise, nutrition and positive thinking. There are many people around the world especially young kids who need good role models in life and it's sad when I see these young kids taking steroids because they follow the wrong path others take. I'm here to set them straight to let everyone know that my way is the truth.

2. What is one of the most effective exercise routine for the whole body?
Well there are many but following an overall body routine every other day will work wonders for you because you can give your body a day to rest and then a day to train. I believe that too much exercise can be as harmful as too little so finding the right balance is most important for success and proper well-being.

3. What does your diet consist of and what should a great diet consist of?
Again balance plays a key role in a proper diet, I've always said balance your diet and you well feel balanced. I don’t believe in supplementation as I do not feel the body recognizes what it is and therefore may look at it as a negative. I eat everything from the earth "If God made it use it, If man made it Lose it!" That’s the key right there. I eat a diet of 40 % protein 40% carbohydrates and 20% fats.

4. Do you personally use supplements and what are some of your best supplements?
No supplements other than a multi vitamin once in a while, but truthfully I don’t even believe in that. I use whole foods and minerals from the earth to maximize my body’s absorption. I don’t believe a pill can do what an apple can do.

5. Anthony you have been on many talk shows and performed on many TV shows, what was your favorite?
I don’t have a favorite as they have all been an experience for me and I've enjoyed them all. It’s a great feeling when you can been seen on TV doing what you love to do so I’m blessed in many ways.

6. What was it like meeting  Betty White the Golden One?
Betty is a really sweet lady. But TV makes her more of a flirt and this wild old lady she's really soft spoken and sweet and has a wonderful heart and soul.

7. Your wife, Tina has been part of your success and you have worked on many projects together, how do you both balance work and home life?
I've been with Tina for almost twenty years now. I met her after my mom died in 1993 she is a great woman with an amazing heart and love for animals. She helps me with my career as best as she can and is a great help to me on many levels.
As far as our home life, her and I are really down to earth so we both understand each other very well we have a lot in common and have been through many things together over the years.

8. Who is your role model?
I really don’t have a role model I have many people I admire in life for many different things. I like to surround myself with people that make me feel good and whom I can help make feel good as well. I'm a giver in life so I like to surround myself with other givers. There are a lot of takers in life these people only care about what you can do for them so I choose to be around givers.

9. Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
Exactly where I am now but even more successful. I've already conquered my dreams, now all that’s left is bringing it to more people. I feel legends become legends because they weren’t afraid of expressing themselves in a manner that felt the most honest and sincere, legends never follow, legends attract others to follow them.

10. One word to describe Anthony Catanzaro?
If I'm anything in life I'm determined. I feel that all you really need to succeed in anything is determination. Without determination it's just not going to happen so yeah I'm definitely determined!

Bonus question:
What is your greatest achievement and what do you still want to achieve?
My greatest achievement is not being afraid to express myself the way I have and the way I always will. To not be afraid of what others think or what they might say. To live free like the eagle to fly higher than anything in the sky to truly feel like a God. What do I still want to achieve? Nothing but what I already do I just would like more of it and I know as God has written my destiny in the stars!

God bless,
Anthony Catanzaro

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  1. Fantastic interview Anthony keep it up my man youre a huge inspiration!! Jack

  2. Thank Jack! Anthony I know will appreciate that! Great person!!!

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