Saturday, January 12, 2013

Robin Roberts Returns to GMA on Wednesday!

Update- Robin Roberts today on GMA said she will return sometime in February as her body adjusts to the studio environment. We wish her the best and will be watching!

Roberts will return to make a major announcement as she said on her twitter page:"Happy Friday. Looking forward to sharing news of my recovery with you on Monday @GMA. Have a fantastic weekend! Blessings..X0," Roberts tweeted on Friday.

Then Good Morning America followed up by saying,"We've got a special announcement coming from @RobinRoberts Monday on @GMA. Be sure to tune in!"

Needless to say all of us fans just can't wait till she returns! Roberts has been out since the end of August when her sister, Sally donated bone marrow for her bone marrow transplant. It was successful.

Here is one of my letters to the Editor of New York Daily news about Robin Roberts:

Thumbs up

Newark: Robin Roberts at this year's Oscars goes from lady in red in her dress to lady divine! A year after conquering cancer, she comes out as the Ms. Supreme, and she deserves an Oscar for putting grace, dignity and beauty into Oscar night. She shows us all how to fight a disease. And the winner is: Robin Roberts, in beauty and grace!

Steve Sacco

We wish her all the best and can't wait till her return!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oprah's Exclusive with Whitney's mom, Cissy Houston

Oprah Winfrey is set to interview Newark's own Cissy Houston, mother of Whitney Houston. This will be the second time Houston sits down for a tv exclusive.
The first time was with My9's Brenda Blackmon last year.

Blackmon's interview was a real mom to mom heart interview. Houston at the time dispelled the rumors that Whitney died broke. She spoke of the tremendous sadness she was feeling and said if I she could bring Whitney back that's just what she would do.

We could only hope that Winfrey will be as kind and understanding as Blackmon. The interview will take place on first anniversary of Whitney's passing.

My9's Brenda Blackmon Exclusive interview with Cissy Houston

Stars should honor Whitney Houston by supporting Newark charities

Published: Saturday, February 25, 2012, 9:32 AM
Whitney Houston funeral in Newark: Feb. 18, 2012
EnlargeThe media surrounds Rev. Jesse Jackson before Whitney Houston's funeral today in Newark.Whitney Houston funeral photosgallery (24 photos)
As Newarkers, we wanted Whitney Houston’s life to be celebrated in God’s house with the class and dignity she deserved. And it certainly was: What a blessed and glorious celebration of our hometown icon.
Oprah Winfrey, who attended the funeral, posted a video online later saying we could have come together to celebrate Whitney’s life while she was alive. To Oprah and all the stars and dream makers who attended, I ask you to come together now to keep the legacy of Whitney alive by picking a Newark charity or starting one in this wonderful city, which gave birth to the legend with the golden voice. Alternatively, you could support the school in East Orange named in her honor, or the Whitney Houston Special Care Pediatric wing at University Hospital. This will keep Houston’s memory alive and support many young dreamers who do not have means. I will practice what I preach and be making a donation in her honor.

Whitney Houston Funeral: Fans reflect and celebrate her life
Whitney Houston Funeral: Fans reflect and celebrate her lifeFans of Whitney Houston started gathering early in the morning near the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark to pay their respects and remember an icon. Video by Adya Beasley & Mike Roy / The Star-LedgerWatch video
We thank Whitney’s mom, Cissy Houston, for the love she’s shown the city of Newark. To Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina: We will keep the legacy of your mom alive.
Steve Sacco, Newark
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Frank's Pizzeria Serves Up Italian & Sugary, Sweet Smiles

Vote for Frank's Pizzeria Best Pizza here:

Local Voices

Steve Sacco @

Frank's Pizzeria Serves Up Italian & Sugary, Sweet, Smiles

Since 1972 Frank's Pizzeriain Newark along Bloomfield Ave. has delighted taste buds of hundreds of thousands of people who have come to enjoy freshly made Italian food. When you walk intoFrank's your senses are immediately satisfied with the smell of tomato sauce, garlic and slew of other Italian culinary delights that only a small Italian restaurant like Frank's can make.
While pizza of course is their main dish. Frank's makes every Italian dish imaginable from lasagna to minestrone soup to chicken parmigiana to Italian chicken and shrimp rolls.
But back to there main course of pizza- you would be surprised to know that buffalo chicken pizza is their number 1 seller!
Frank's Pizzeria is a most cherished place for Newarkers to meet up and enjoy a pizza, a soda and zeppoles. Often you will find "old timers" coming in after a parade on Bloomfield Avenue or The Saint Gerard feast and talk about the old times and shared memories of Frank's.
While I was there a little young girl named Samantha Giordano enjoyed her pizza and zeppoles with the proof all over her face sealed with a smile.
If you want to have mouth watering, great Italian food and shared memories that will live on forever, I highly recommend this little Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of the North Ward of Newark. It"s Frank's for good food, fun and friends and memories to last a lifetime.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mike Perez inspires other Newark youth


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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Steve Sacco @

A Praying Mantis in My Newark Garden

Many people are under the false misconception that Newark is a complete urban jungle with only Brick and Mortar hence the Brick City. That as I know is certainly not true as I can attest to. As the winter months are quickly approaching, I though I would share a visitor who paid my Tomato and Basil garden a visit.
A Praying Mantis decided to perch himself on my Tomato and Basil plant and set up shop. They are extremely helpful in ridding your garden of bad insects. My father infact would regularly order Praying Mantis, Lady Bugs and other insects that are valuable to your garden.
While I took a photo of the Praying Mantis it was actually in the process of feeding on its prey- A Bee. It swooped down grapped the bee and was ready to take it down and at that point turned its head saw me and released it.
Did you know that Praying Mantis are cannibalistic-meaning they eat one another. Although rare female Praying Mantis will when hungry go after a male and eat him.
Getting back to my Newark Garden not only do I have Praying Mantis visting, but up until recently had a Peach tree that many in my neighborhood would happen upon and take one. This tree was planted by me when I was a youngster and the amazing part I grew it from a pit. Yes, A Pit!
So when you think of Newark as the Brick City remember right behind it the roots to many gardens grow and perhaps a Praying Mantis or two is watching over the garden too.

Take a look at my Praying Mantis in the video here on News 12 New Jersey and I also posted a video about the Mantis.

You will also see a recipe for my Basil in the magazine Inside Jersey in The January 2013 edition.

Video of Praying Mantis: