Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mike Perez inspires other Newark youth


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photo.JPGSteve Sacco and Micheal Perez take a break at Di Paolo's Bakery in Newark.
By Steve Sacco
Michael " The Artist " Perez is quickly becoming a boxing superstar and this Newarker is a real hero to many in the city. So I sat down for an interview with him in Di Paolo's Bakery.
Q:​First off. Mike you are quickly becoming a rising young Super Star in the World of boxing what or who do you attribute that to?

A:​I attribute my successful young career to my parents, most importantly my mother for being a huge wall of support when things got rough for us.

Q:​Mike you grew up here in Newark - How did the Brick City help shape who you are today?
A: Growing up in Newark and being a witness to the rough streets of Newark has shaped my life a lot. Keeping in mind that I came from the struggle has kept me hungry, not only in the sport of boxing but in everything I do. Pushing me to want more and to never give up on my dreams.
Q: .Your father, Jesus is not only a big supporter, but your manager how is that working out?
A: Having my father in my corner and being my manager is the best thing I have ever done, for the simple fact that who else in the whole world will care for my career and manage my carrier better than my father.
photbo.JPGMike celebrates his birthday at DiPaolo's Bakery.

Q:​While growing up in Newark you had an altercation at the Baxter Terrace Projects where your best friend, Alex Perez was shot and pushed you out of harms way ultimately saving your life.

A: The altercation that Alex Perez and I had was another big motivator for me to make it out the hood. It’ssomething I won’t wish on no one but im glad that Iwent through it and lived to speak about it. Knowing that I was so close to death or even badly hurt was a huge eye opener that im here for a reason, and that Ihave a purpose in life.
Q: What kind of effect did that have on your life?
A: The most important people in my life are my family. They are always there for my though my ups and downs and I will never forget that.
Q:​Who are the most important people in your life and why?
A: The most important people in my life are my family. They are always there for my though my ups and downs and I will never forget that.
Q: What fighter do you admire the most and why?
A: I don’t just look at one fighter or admire one fighter, I admire them all. I look and study everyone, and learn from everyone.
Q: What is the most important skill you use as a fighter?
A: The most important skill I use and that I have is the killer instincts, something you can’t teach or learn.
Q: Mike I am teacher in Newark and many of our children look up to you.
What advice can you give them?

A: To the young kids in school. Anything is possible but nothing is easy in life, as long as you never give up on what you trying to accomplish and give it your all, you will always be a winner in life, and that’s a fact.
photoc.JPGFor many, Mike Perez is a role model.

Q: Mike why do you call yourself Mike (the Artist) Perez?

A: I'm "The Artist" because boxing is an art. Every fight is a picture or a new sculpture in my career. While fighting seeing and visualizing a picture or painting being created by me, that shall stay in the minds of the viewers. Also outside of the ring I can draw and that’s how I can infuse the artistic side of me into my boxing career.
Q: Mike what was it like at the rock in Newark your hometown when you defeated Hevison Herrera in what 20 seconds?
A: Fighting at home and at the rock was awesome. Being in front of my hometown people and feeling there love as they cheered me into my victory was over whelming. Great experience and looking forward in the future to be headlining a fight at the rock.
Q: Mike what have you been doing to get ready for your next bout?
A: preparation for every bout get more and more intense, I prepare for every bout 150%
Q:Mike everyone here in the city of Newark is pulling for you and wishes you well any wishes for the city?
A: To everyone in my city of Newark, I wish you guys the best, and stay tuned to my career because I'm carrying Newark and all my loved ones on my back. Love you guys and thanks for all the support.


  1. Congratulations, Michael Angelo Perez on all your success Newark salutes you keep up all spectacular work.Inner city youth are looking up to you and admire all your courage and outstanding success.We at Zanzara's Antique Boutique celebrate and recognize you as our future "Michael Angelo''.We know a true Artist when we see one!