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A Praying Mantis in My Newark Garden

Many people are under the false misconception that Newark is a complete urban jungle with only Brick and Mortar hence the Brick City. That as I know is certainly not true as I can attest to. As the winter months are quickly approaching, I though I would share a visitor who paid my Tomato and Basil garden a visit.
A Praying Mantis decided to perch himself on my Tomato and Basil plant and set up shop. They are extremely helpful in ridding your garden of bad insects. My father infact would regularly order Praying Mantis, Lady Bugs and other insects that are valuable to your garden.
While I took a photo of the Praying Mantis it was actually in the process of feeding on its prey- A Bee. It swooped down grapped the bee and was ready to take it down and at that point turned its head saw me and released it.
Did you know that Praying Mantis are cannibalistic-meaning they eat one another. Although rare female Praying Mantis will when hungry go after a male and eat him.
Getting back to my Newark Garden not only do I have Praying Mantis visting, but up until recently had a Peach tree that many in my neighborhood would happen upon and take one. This tree was planted by me when I was a youngster and the amazing part I grew it from a pit. Yes, A Pit!
So when you think of Newark as the Brick City remember right behind it the roots to many gardens grow and perhaps a Praying Mantis or two is watching over the garden too.

Take a look at my Praying Mantis in the video here on News 12 New Jersey and I also posted a video about the Mantis.

You will also see a recipe for my Basil in the magazine Inside Jersey in The January 2013 edition.

Video of Praying Mantis:

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  1. Here's the article in this Month's Inside Jersey with the Basil Pesto Sauce.