Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Creature In The Night Heroically Saves 89 year old


Piscataway NJ- On Thursday night Cara Jones was walking her 2 year old Pit Bull, Creature.

When all of sudden Creature kept Barking and looking at Cara as to tell her you have to come see what I see. Creature was very adamant about Cara seeing what was over in the brush.

To Cara's amazement when she went over there she saw an elderly lady trying to get up out of the mud with no shoes on.

Cara immediatlely got on the phone and called police, but she was unaware that earlier in the day police had been looking for Carmen Mitchell 89 who suffers from

Authorities noted that Mitchell already had a slight case of hypothermia.

We are thankful to Cara and her friendly pit who was just in time and saved Ms. Carmen Mitchell. We think these two need to be recognized.

Cara though wants the message that Pit Bulls are good dogs and do some really great things!

We are on board with you Cara with that message and want everyone to know we have a Facebook cause for all animals called "People Paws for Patrick"
Please go to the page and be part of the community that helps animals.
People Paws for Patrick:
Video about Facebook People Paws for Patrick
Video of ABC 7 coverage


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