Monday, July 6, 2015

We continue our look at people in the media and today we have the very popular and likable NBC 4 Sports anchor Harry Cicma. 

Harry you were a  World Class Tennis player, how did that get started?

I grew up in Providence Rhode Island, and began playing tennis at the age of 6.  My parents played very little, but they brought me to the courts to hit a few balls.  I only played in the Summers until I was 12, then decided to play every day, and pursue my dream of being a professional and Division 1 College Tennis Player.   Through years and years of work, many sacrifices, also the support of my family, friends, and coaches (Dick Ernst and Yuri Stetsenko), I was able to move up the USTA Junior Rankings, and get recruited by Rutgers University's Division 1 Team.  From Rutgers, I  was granted a Wild Card into the main doubles draw of the Tennis Hall of Fame ATP World Tour Pro Tennis Tournament.  I played with my great friend and Rutgers teammate, Greg Schweitzer, and since competed in other ATP events throughout College; we earned an ATP Tour Pro Tennis Ranking for 4 consecutive years.  It was a dream come true, and a story of sacrifice and dedication, and it's nice to tell young kids that they can achieve their dreams if they  work hard, and "fight a good fight."

You went to Rutgers here in New Jersey, how did you like Rutgers and New Jersey? 

I love Rutgers University.  Attending Rutgers prepared me for a top career in Sports Media, but it also allowed me to reach my full potential as a Division 1 Athlete, and Student.  It is a very exciting school, and a true feeder for New York City; it prepares you for anything that life and business can send your way.  New Jersey is very much home to me, I appreciate it, and I always say that Rutgers is one of my favorite places in the's a part of my life and home.
How did you first get started working in the media? 
I began hosting my High School TV Show, at Classical High School in Providence.  I then did the same thing for all 4 years at Rutgers, and also announced games on WRSU 88.7 FM Rutgers Student Radio.  I interned at NBC, while in college, which gave me the foundation to have a career in the TV Media Industry.

Harry you are a complete Renaissance man, what other goals and accomplishments in life do you want to accomplish? 

I am honored to have a career in TV and Media.  I take pride in staying on the cutting edge in the Media Industry, and being able to stay well rounded as a Production Executive & Manager, and also on air.  While I've achieved many goals, it is my main focus to continue to produce excellent shows, stay up to date on the quickly expanding Media world, and still do the best I can as a Coordinating Producer, and on air host.

Harry you run your own production company, where do  you want to take the company? What events would you like to be able to broadcast? 

Harry Cicma Productions LLC produces various events, sports and broadcasts; including TV Distribution and Management.   We have covered some of the most exclusive TV Broadcasts, such as the Necker Cup, Miami Marathon and Turkish Airlines Open Golf....among dozens of other events around America and the World.  We bring the same level of effort to all events, so I simply enjoy setting forth efficient, affordable and top level productions for all our clients, and continuing to stay at the highest level of the TV industry.

Your on air reporting on Hurricane Sandy for NBC 4  in 2012 earned you an Emmy award talk to me about that experience?  How do you like covering hard news? 

Reporting and Anchoring Sports as part of the WNBC team, is a true honor and privilege....  When I covered Hurricane Sandy, it was strictly from the heart, in an effort to help the people around NYC, and the entire Tri State Area.  I never expected our coverage to last for so many weeks, but the passion for helping people, and informing people, friends and fellow New Yorkers is what kept me going.   It was always my goal to win and EMMY Award, and to achieve that while doing something from the heart, is the best way to do it.    It was a major team effort.

Harry you are a Greek American, tell me about your culture and any traditions you may have?
I was born in America, but I am very proud that my Ancestors are from Greece.  The Greek history and culture is very strong, and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Greek people have a lot of heart, and it has definitely been passed down through generations in my family.  I think the most notable are the family values, and believing in family, and hard work.  The United States are my heart and soul, and it's a nice mix to have roots from Greece. 

Harry if you could interview anyone wether they be from the sports field or anywhere else who would it be-your number one get? 

Interviewing Andre Agassi during his Tennis Hall of Fame Induction meant the most to me, because he had such a positive impact on my life as a young tennis player.  He taught me never to give up, and that you can comeback from some of life's biggest set backs and become a stronger person.  I also look up to my fellow Greek American Pete Sampras.  I've interviewed nearly everyone, but, I would like to interview Michael Jordan.

Harry thus far in your young yet eventful career what has been your most memorable experience? 

Honestly, too many to pin point's been one long journey, and the most rewarding part is being able to use the accomplishments, and hard work, to inspire others.  What matters most to me, besides putting dinner on the table, is being able to prove to people that you can make it while still being an honest and hard working person, that's what I take most pride in, and pushes me every day.

  Ten years from now where do you see Harry Cicma? 

Hopefully doing exactly what I'm doing, just doing more of it, and always developing more innovative tactics.  Work is great, I also appreciatefamily,friends and health, so it's nice to keep a balance, and keep progressing.


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