Saturday, November 21, 2015

IFBB Pro Thomas Trilivas Bodybuilder, animal rights advocate and true cat lover!

Nutley,New Jersey native Thomas Trilivas is becoming quite a brand for himself in bodybuilding just a short time ago he was overweight and out of shape, but as you will see in the following transformational pictures he has completely turned that around. As we here at Newarknow continue to look at people who help define fitness and health, we hope you also will be motivated and inspired by Tom and his words of advice. Tom is also a huge animal lover and his cats live like kings!

How did you get started in bodybuilding?

I got started very young about 13 yrs old with just basic weight training. I continued to train more many yrs on an off for sports or just to keep in shape but mainly because I just enjoyed it. Many times people had asked me to compete and I always said I wasn't good enough to do it. Finally at the age of 36 I stepped on stage and won the overall 1st place trophy for masters and also won the novice division. It was the start of
everything for me competitively.

 What was is like competing for the 1st time?
It was incredible. I was so nervous, I didn't think I was good enough. I actually was in the worst shape of my life in Feb 2014 because I stopped training do to moving my residence and working on my new home plus running my business. I then became somewhat depressed and got upset with myself so I decided to set a goal that I would step on stage in 6 months from Feb 6th 2014.... in only 5 months I stepped on stage and won at the tri state championships on July 19th. I then competed in the 6th month at a much bigger show Muscle Beach championships on Aug 9th and took home 3 more trophies... 2 first place and 1 second place. I was thrilled, amazed, shocked all at one time that in just 6 months from not working out at all I was winning multiple shows. I then made a decision to go into a National show called North Americans in Pittsburgh. It was a dream I had my whole life to compete for my pro card. I couldn't believe it was happening in just a 6 month period. I finished 12th out of 24 guys and I also got 8th in the masters division. It was an incredible experience and achievement

What advice would you give someone just starting out in bodybuilding?

I would give them the advice to stay consistent, always believe in yourself, set obtainable goals, don't ever listen to someone tell you something can't be done, and just make yourself happy don't compare yourself to others always compare yourself to you. If you are better then the last version of yourself you are winning!

Who influenced you the most in bodybuilding?

I had a friend named Oni that i trained with sometimes and at the same gym. He pushed me to compete telling me I had what it took to be successful and I am glad I listed to him!

 Describe who you are and where you want to be in 10 years?

 I am a very dedicated individual that is determined to get results not only in bodybuilding but in life! I try appreciate everything around me and the people who support me because life is very short and you need to live in the moment but plan for your future as well! I see myself in 10 yrs to be successful at what ever goals I have set for myself but always being the same person I was growing up with a very big heart, always caring for others, appreciating life, continuing to workout and not sure about competing at a competitive level in 10 yrs but you never know. I will just do what ever makes me happy at that time.

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