Monday, December 31, 2012

In Newark Got Garbage, Get Cruz Control

When Antonio Lopez of Garside Street in Newark saw an overload of garbage and debris on the side of neighboring house causing an eyesore and rodents in his neighborhood,he knew he had to take action. Lopez said he contacted every agency and department in Newark City Hall to no avail. Determined to get action Lopez took to Facebook and tagged every politician North Ward Councilman Anibal Ramos Jr., Governor Chris Christie and even President Barack Obama.

Once lopez posted on Facebook the reaction came in fast and people were upset that the garabage pile up causing a health concern and his neighborhood to go in decline were also determined to help him. This reaction was starting to reach City Hall and they were reacting.

It finally reached an administrator by the name of Adam Cruz so concerned he contacted Lopez. Lopez was told that this would be cleaned and in a matter of days it was, Cruz himself cleaned-up the property.
Lopez an outspoken critic of the mayor who refers to Mayor Cory Booker as the out of town Hollywood Mayor hopes that other citiizens will not have to go through what he had to. We need to fix the problem for our citizens who want a better Newark!

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