Tuesday, April 30, 2013

From Newark with Love! Two dedicated entrepreneurs capture Newark in Postcards

We must admit here at Newarknow that our next interview was a great pleasure and certainly had our hearts and minds affixed on our passion, Newark. Rahim Stennet and Franny Aizier both graduates of New Jersey Institute of Technology turned a lack of postcards of Newark into their own business giving Newark high marks and loving their adopted city even more. From Newark with love is their story take a read in their own words.

You and your partner Fanny Aizier started a postcard company entitled, "From Newark with love" how did you get the idea to start this company?

A:  Well it all started when Fanny wanted to send a Newark Postcard to Her grandma in France, our  
search proved futile. We found it strange that all the postcard stands in Newark only bore NYC postcards. We took the responsibility, not only to fill the void in the market, but to put on display the positive side of Newark.
From Newarkhttp://www.fromnewarkwithlove.com/shop/ with Love website
You may also order your postcards from the website above.
2. Now you see how much Newarkers cherish their city- were you both not in complete amazement that there were very little to none when it came to postcards?

A:Newark postcards does not reflect on how much Newarkers cherish their city, because we have met many proud Newarkers, who are excited to share and teach about Newark and from our records the majority of our postcard orders are mailed to local addresses.

3. When you and Fanny saw the need for postcards pertaining to Newark, what were the first things you did?

A:The first thing we did was do a little research to make sure there really weren't any Newark 

postcards. We discovered that there is a small collection for sale at the
Newark airport, but other than that only vintage ones are in the library archives.
We then began taking pictures, we thought were postcard worthy.

4. What are both of your favorite postcards and why?

A:My Favorited postcard is the Newark Skyline at sunset, the one with the Blue border, I think it has a nice effect where the bright orange from the sunset reflects of the building windows, we did not alter that shot in any way, because I thought it was great as is.

Fannys favorite is the postcard we dubbed "Newark's Motto" it features a shot of the front window of the S.Klein building on Broad St. When we speak to the Newark old timers, apparently this was the place to be back in the day. The building is now undergoing demolition to make way for new infrastructure, and we are happy we got the chance to 
preserve its image on a postcard.

5. What interesting new facts have you learned while producing these postcards about Newark?

A:We have learned that Newark has a rich history, one that Newarkers should be 
Knowledgeable and proud of, for starters, Newark is the birthplace of Cellulose film, invented by Hannibal Williston Goodwin (April 21, 1822 - December 31, 1900), was an Episcopal priest at the House of Prayer Episcopal Church and Rectory in Newark, New Jersey, which still stands today adn will be featured on our new line of cards.

We have also learned that Newark produced some of the best athletes and entertainers including: baseball players Everett Marcelle and Jimmie Hill, popular jazz musician Sarah Vaughan and of course Whitney Houston.

6. How many places through-out the city are you postcards now sold at?

A:Our postcards now retail in over 20 location in and around Newark, including various local stores,cafes and newsstands and the Hilton Hotel. We are currently working to get our cards in the Newark Airport and the Newark Penn station.

7.If you could also name three places in Newark you both admire most ?

Our absolute favorite places in Newark are the Branch Brook Park, especially during cherry blossom season, the Ironbound section, with an infinite number of cafes and places to eat and its booming nightlife. On our favorite list are also the NJPAC for various 
performances and shows and the Prudential center which is the popular venue for hockey games, circuses and the various show and performances hosted in Newark.


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